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*We will not be taking birthday party reservations in the months of September and October while we set up in our interim location: 57 ORNAC Concord, MA*

Join us for your child’s next birthday party! Our skilled instructors offer weekend birthday parties in several choices of media.

Parties are scheduled for two hours:
  • Saturdays between 10am – 6pm
  • Sundays between 1pm – 6pm
The first hour, the kids create art. Kids work with an experienced art instructor specialized in the medium of your choice. The kids work to create their masterpieces of art such as masks, puppets, paintings, collages, sculptures, and works in clay! Birthday projects and themes can be custom made to your child’s special day.
The second hour, you enjoy your party: food, cake, presents, and/or games! You may bring your own food, or order food from any of our local restaurants. Parents may bring decorations to hang in the room. (Note: we do not allow permanent decorations or piñatas) 

2D and 3D Party Projects and Themes:

  • Painting
  • Printmaking and Collage
  • Drawing (Cartooning, Illustration)
  • Mixed Media and Wearables (Crowns, Shields, Wands, Masks, Wings)
  • Performace (Puppet making and Puppet Shows, Theater Games) - NEW!
  • Woodworking Workshop * Limited to 10 kids
  • Art and Nature (Projects based on Musketquid: nature scavenger hunts, wearables, puppets, animal sculptures)

Ceramic Party- Fired Clay Projects and Themes:

  • Animals, Aliens, and Bugs Sculptures
  • Coil Pots
  • Noise Makers
  • Slab Cups, Bowls, or Plates (CANNOT be used for food)
  • Wheel-throwing *Limited to 8 kids at a time

Please note: fired clay birthday parties do not include time to glaze sculptures. Without glaze, sculptures CANNOT be used as functional tableware.

Fired Clay PLUS GLAZE: Hand-build or Wheel-Throw

In this party option kids can create AND glaze a work of ceramic art.

  • Begin by choosing either a handbuilding or wheel-throwing party.
    • Wheel-throwing parties are limited to 8 kids, handbuilding parties are limited to 15 kids
  • Parties run 2.5 hours: 1.5 hours for art, 1 hour for the party.
    • First, kids make a sculpture that will be fired unglazed. (Not food or liquid safe)
    • Second, kids glaze a premade piece of pottery that will also be fired. Choose from our many glaze colors and paint your design on your piece. This glazed piece will be food safe. Premade pieces of terracotta are purchased to glaze for $5 each.
    • Spend the last hour enjoying a party in our classroom with your guests.

*Clay work will be fired three-four days after your party, and will be ready for pick up by the host parent on the following Friday. Host parents are responsible for project distribution to guest families. The cost of firing clay birthday parties includes the firing fee.

The Cost

The Umbrella Birthday Parties cost:

  • $150 for a party of 10 or less. With the exception of toddlers accompanied by a parent, any guest who creates a work of art will be counted.
  • There is an additional charge of $15 per child up to 20.
  • Parties over 20 require advanced notice and are subject to room availability. The base cost for a party over 20 is $300, with $10 for each additional child over 20.

The Umbrella Ceramics Birthday Parties cost:

  • $200 for a party of 10 or less. There is an additional charge of $15 per child up to 15. We cannot accept firing clay parties over 15 kids. Wheel-throwing parties are limited to 8. Cost includes clay and firing in an electric kiln.

The Umbrella Ceramics PLUS Glaze Birthday Parties cost:

  • $250 for a party of 10 or less. Plus $5 each for a premade piece of terracotta pottery for the kids to glaze. There is an additional charge of $15 per child up to 15. We cannot accept firing clay parties over 15 kids. Wheel-throwing parties are limited to 8. Cost includes clay and firing in an electric kiln.


A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation once an instructor is booked. The remaining balance is due the day of party.

To reserve your birthday party, please fill out this form. Please try to book parties at least one month in advance.

For more information contact, Danielle Moriarty, Education Associate, at 978.371.0820 X204 or email