Ceramics Program Manager

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August 21, 2017 by Danielle

The Ceramics Program Manager and Classroom Coordinator (CPM+CC) is responsible for the overall operations of the ceramics program and the daily maintenance of other education classrooms.

Responsibilities for the Ceramics Program Manager, include but are not limited to financial oversight, logistics, constituent accommodations, and facility maintenance of the ceramic program.  The CPM, in consultation with the other members of the Education department, is expected to develop, implement, and manage a robust ceramics program and oversee the ceramics curriculum as it’s taught by the ceramics faculty for both youth and adults. The CPM ensures that the program is meeting institutional goals and is in good standing. 

Responsibilities for the Classroom Coordinator include but are not limited to regular monitoring and set up as needed all of the other education classrooms and spaces.  Identifying maintenance, cleaning and organizing, restocking supplies and generally ensuring that the entity of the education spaces are in good working order.  

This is a full-time, non-exempt position with salary based on 40 hours a week. The position is eligible for an 80% employer contribution to the cost of single health coverage through the Umbrella’s plan.  The employee may also elect to contribute to a 401K retirement account.  Optional teaching opportunities are available paid in addition to salary at an hourly rate commensurate with teaching experience or 40% of total tuition if applicable. 

Reports to the Director of Education.


Strategic Vision:
  • In consultation with Director of Education, establish program goals and plan practical achievable and incremental strategies to obtain those goals.
  • Work to understand, communicate about, and balance the needs and expectations of the various program constituencies: artist, student, faculty, administration.
Program Administration:
  • In consultation with the Education Director, define an annual budget, track revenue and expenses and provide general financial oversight of the ceramics program.  Work to make adjustments when necessary.
  • With the Education Director and Education Associate work to fill out the ceramics program by maximizing the number of classes and workshops offered in a given season and maximize student enrollment in the program.
  • Work with the Education Director to develop new teachers and institutional partnerships that will bring unique and exciting program offerings to the ceramics community.
  • Design, organize, and execute special events for the ceramics community: including but not limited to, art sales, gallery openings, lectures, trips, charity events, and other community building experiences.  The goal being to foster a better sense of community, opportunity, and participation.
Clay Studio, Equipment, and Supplies:
  • Purchase and maintain the inventory of clay and glaze chemicals and other classroom supplies; check shipments for accuracy and place materials in secure storage; mix, label, and store glazes; coordinate invoicing and payment.
  • Periodically inventory tools and supplies; clean, label, and store over-stock supplies
  • Perform basic repairs and coordinate further maintenance through professional services.
Course Catalogs & Seasonal Operations:
  • Work with the Education Associate to obtain instructor proposals and participate in creating the seasonal course offerings in ceramics.
  • Generate session schedules and roster lists for instructors
  • At the beginning of each term assign and label shelf space for adult students and youth courses
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to secure volunteers for when requested by instructors for courses. Help to train volunteers, assistants, and summer camp staff as necessary
  • Schedule dates for gas kiln firings (2x per session)
  • Provide new students with studio policies handout and add contacts to department email lists
  • Periodically review available storage in classrooms and allocate to general supplies, program area, and/or teacher storage.
  • At the end of each term coordinate the retrieval of finished work by both children and adults; after a suitable pick-up period clear all storage and pick up areas.
Weekly Operations:
  • Provide guidance and supervision over the staff and student use of the ceramics spaces, equipment, and supplies
  • Maintain and complete logs for an array of tasks, maintenance, and schedules
  • Send schedule updates to student body with open studio hours available
  • Constantly manage the flow of ceramics work for the program.
  • Fire electric kilns weekly and keep a steady flow of work going in and out of kilns
  • Regularly perform clay studio upkeep to minimize dust; vacuum, mop, remove garbage, etc.
Classroom Coordinator Responsibilities:
  • Monitor all education classrooms and perform when needed regular maintenance and cleaning.  Clean tables, counters, sinks, stack stools/chairs, and tables. Replenish cleaning supplies.
  • Check art supplies and storage, take inventory and reorganize and restock classrooms between sessions.


  • Personal work can be fired in electric kilns as needed around program priorities
  • Use of the gas kiln can be scheduled around student/artist use paid by employee at a flat rate
  • Use of classroom, glaze lab, storage, studio equipment, spray booth, glaze materials, recycled clay and glaze storage is allowed outside of class times
  • Opportunities to join the teaching faculty for additional compensation


  • A minimum of Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) with a focus in ceramics
  • A master’s degree (MFA) in ceramics, advanced study in ceramics, or equivalent work experience is highly desirable
  • Active ceramic artist is desirable
  • For Teaching: prior teaching and/or classroom experience with adults and/or youth


  • Ability to use and maintain all ceramic equipment effectively
  • Ability to safely lift up to 50lbs.
  • Clear understanding of glaze materials and awareness of health and safety precautions inherent in a ceramics studio
  • Care in handling all clay artwork
  • Ability to work independently
  • Highly organized
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Awareness of surrounding ceramic facilities and programs

Submit cover letter and resume to Jason Springer, Director of Education at jason@theumbrellaarts.org

Apply by: September 22, 2017