A Celebration of 30 Years Under The Umbrella

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June 29, 2015 by Miranda

Over fifty people filled The Umbrella Gallery on June 25 to celebrate the opening of Evans, Avery, Savage: 30 Years Under The Umbrella.  The three artists highlighted in the show, Madeleine Evans, Lynn Avery, and Margaret Savage, have each held a studio at The Umbrella since the building opened in 1983.  Their work, spanning over three decades, is as rich and varied as one could expect from three artists who have dedicated their lives to the creative process.

On Thursday night, the artists donned their finest and spent the evening speaking with family, friends, and strangers about their work.  The room was full of energy as visitors made their way from Avery's treescapes to Savage's landscapes to the eclectic mixed media of Evans.  Though their work is varied, each artist demonstrates a high technical skill only achieved over years of practice. 

In the middle of the evening, the room quieted for a quick speech from the artists.  They each reminicesed about their early days in The Umbrella, when the ceilings hung down on them while they painted, and marveled about how far the building has come.  After only a few moments, they quickly sent the crowds back to their conversations with Evans saying, "We'd rather talk to you about the work than have you listen to us!" 

In the brightly lit gallery, a new addition as of last summer, their work and the years they have put in to create it was given the attention it deserved.


Evans, Avery, Savage: 30 Years Under The Umbrella is open through August 12, 2015.  The gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 9:00-5:00 and Sunday from 1:00-5:00.  Unless otherwise noted, all of the work is for sale.

Photographs by David Bruno

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