Dorothy Arnold: A Benefit Exhibition

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Dorothy Arnold: The Doffie Project's Culminating Exhibition to benefit The Umbrella Community Arts Center
January 12 - March 1, 2016

First Thursday Opening Reception: February 4 from 6:00-8:00

Silent Auction: March 1 from 6:00-8:00

The boundless energy of Dorothy “Doffie” Arnold has given us thousands of her drawings and paintings. Her friends and family have assembled that energy into The Doffie Project. The Doffie Project has three goals: to honor the legacy of Dorothy “Doffie” Arnold, to distribute the vast collection of work she created during a half century of painting, and to raise money for charities.

A vast selection of Doffie’s award-winning art has been made affordable. For the past two years, all profit from each sale goes to the buyer’s choice of organization doing valuable work for the community. When buyers purchase artwork from the project, 80 percent is directly gifted toward a nonprofit of the buyer’s choice while the other 20 percent finances administration cost.  Since its inception two years ago, the Doffie Project has raised $180,000 for wide variety of charities such as YMCA, Charles River Conservancy, and The Home for Little Wanderers. Doffie is paying her passion and vitality forward.

We are proud to bring Doffie's energy to The Umbrella in this culminating exhibition of The Doffie Project.  Work from various periods of her life, including but not limited to large diptychs, paintings on paper, and ink drawings, will be displayed for the last time.  80% of all proceeds will go to The Umbrella, supporting the arts education that was so important to Doffie. Her project lives the notion that the transformative power of the arts should be accessible to all.