Off the Wall 2015

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Off the Wall: A small works show
November 23 – January 8, 2016

On view during Winter Market: December 4, 5, + 6

First Thursday Closing Reception: January 7 from 6:00-8:00

Over 190 pieces, created by 24 guest artists and 38 resident artists flooded The Umbrella Gallery in late November for the second annual Off the Wall Show. All of the pieces in the show are 24” x 24” or under and cost $350 or less.  Visit The Umbrella to see the show for yourself and, if you fall in love with a piece, take it off the wall and straight to your home.  Sales start Monday, November 23 at 9:00 am.

The show will be on display during The Umbrella’s annual Winter Market, a three day festival celebrating fine art and craft.  There will also be a First Thursday Closing Reception on January 7 from 6:00-8:00.

Artists on View in Off the Wall:

Andy Newman
Barbara Willis
Benna Purandare
Beth Dalal
Caitlyn Marsh
Carol Krauss
Carol Rissman
Carol Zell
Carole Parrish
Catherine Meeks
Cecilia B. Moore
Christina Caturano
Deb Loverd
Deb Richardson
Ellen Gaffney
Gilead Tadmor
Ilse Plume
Irene Stapleford
Jan Gifford
Janet Albert
Jerry Wedge
Jonathan Smith
Joseph Tratnyek
Julia Miner
Julie Vari
Kate Bird
Kathy Arcotta
Kayo Burmon
Kitt Shaffer
Lesia Shaw
Lois Andersen
Lonnie Harvey
Lou Lim
Louise Arnold
Louise Berliner

Lynn Connelly
Margaret Hunt
Margaret Savage
Margaret Sutton Wailes
Marie-Louise Petrie
Marjorie Nichols
Mark Hopkins
Mary Pope
Max Payne
Melinda Linquist
Miranda Aisling
Nadia Yassa
Nancy Arkuss
Nancy Roberts
Priscilla Parrott
Rob Weisman
Ronald Hubbard
Sara Cassidy Smith
Sarah Fagan
Sing Hanson
Steve Negron
Sue Armstrong
Susan Ticknor
Susanne Meterko
Suzanne Hill
Tamblyn Gawley
Taylor Smith
Terri Ackerman
Terry Kelly-Ruhlmann
Tina Forbes
Toby Kopman
Tracy Bull
Veronique Latimer
Wayne Geehan