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2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence Exhibition
August 18 - September 18, 2016

First Thursday Opening Reception: September 1 from 6:00-8:00 pm

2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence, Sarah Fagan, is a gatherer. During her year in Concord, she has accumulated small moments: from objects found at antique stores or washed ashore at Walden Pond to phrases overheard in coffee shops or gleaned from books. As a still life painter, she has documented her resulting collections in acrylic on panel. These paintings, accompanied by selected found objects, make up Accumulations: an art exhibit manifesting a year of gradual gathering. 

While her work focuses on groupings of collected objects, Fagan balances these arrangements with an intentional use of emptiness. Through thoughtful application of negative space, a focus on vessel-like objects, and special attention given to the color white, she invites the viewer to meditate on the tension between absence and presence by expressing the beauty of emptiness through physical objects.